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Don't dream it, do it!

The motif: “Don’t dream it, do it! Aphorisms are present everywhere in our daily life. They offer advice for practical life and are pieces of wisdom that have been passed down in order to know how to behave properly in life. Aphorisms in the form of wall decorations have a long tradition. This old tradition is revived by SCHIPPER in a modern way by the picture in 5 parts (polyptych) displaying the aphorism „Don’t dream it, do it!”. The powerful colors and striking design of this wise saying is not only in line with the spirit of the time, but this presentable painting will also impress every viewer in terms of content and visual impact. Picture format and painting template: “Masterclass POLYPTYCH – Professional Edition” is a new product line by SCHIPPER Arts & Crafts. The five paintings cover an area of approx. 132x72 cm. The large format is effective, decorative and enhances a modern style of living. The templates have a palpable and visible canvas structure which does not only result in an essentially improved visual impact of the finished painting but which also emphasizes the paintings’ character and supports the desired “oil on canvas effect”. An assembly instruction for 5 picture carriers is enclosed in the package by means of which the polyptych can be framed and hung up appropriately with very little effort and at a reasonable price. Contents of the box: 5 rigid painting cardboards: 2 templates 263 x 476 mm, 2 templates 263 x 598 mm, 1 template 263 x 720 mm with canvas structure finish. Precise contours with well legible numbers. Water-based acrylic colors. Ready-to-paint pre-mixed colors. Brush with fine tip. Control template and detailed instructions for successful painting. Assembly instruction for 5 frameless picture carriers is enclosed in the package.
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Greetings from a cottage garden

The motif: “Greetings from a cottage garden” The cleverly arranged flower bouquet in a crystal vase tells us a story about the wonders of nature that make us forget about winter in springtime and brings nature back to life again. The colorful bouquet wrapped in white syringa (lilac) and those delicious early strawberries are kind greetings from a cottage garden to the hobby painter. Picture format and painting template: “MASTERPIECE Premium”. These pictures in upright or landscape format of 40 x 50 cm can be positioned side by side or one below the other and are particularly suited for a fine picture gallery. The painting templates have a visible and palpable canvas structure. Due to this feature, the finished painting’s appearance is not only essentially enhanced but it also emphasizes the artistic character of the paintings by supporting the desired “oil on canvas” effect. Hint: SCHIPPER Arts & Crafts has matching aluminum frames on offer for this format. Please go to our menu bar “Frame Service”. Contents of the box: Rigid painting cardboard with canvas structure finish, size 40 x 50 cm. Precise pre-printed contours with well legible numbers. Water-based acrylic paints. Ready-to-paint pre-mixed colors. Brush with fine tip. Control template and detailed instructions for successful results.
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