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Paint Your Darling
Convert your photo into a painting!

An image editor developed by SCHIPPER Arts & Crafts can convert a portrait photo into a template according to the “Painting by Numbers” technique. Thus, every hobby painter can create a portrait of his darling by himself. The finished painting is a reproduction of the photo with a picturesque character and artistic expressiveness.

Important Hint! – Please mind before buying the kit!
The system “Paint Your Darling” cannot precisely reproduce all colors of a photo. It is based on 42 colors which are most likely to occur in a portrait photo. However, the painting result is considerable, even if individual colors are no 100 per cent match. The overall impression of the finished painting is to be judged. It is reduced to the essential and thus it can easily be painted by a hobby artist. The objective is a self-painted portrait of your darling!

How does it work?
NORIS-SPIELE Georg Reulein GmbH & Co. KG, division SCHIPPER Arts & Crafts, Werkstraße 1, 90765 Fürth, Germany, will convert your photo into a painting template in line with “Painting by Numbers”. All costs are included in the sales price if you send us your photo for processing within 12 months as of the date of your purchase.

Very important:
1. First buy the package „Paint Your Darling“.
2. Choose an appropriate photo at home and send it to us for further processing.
3. You will receive the painting template free of charge together with the original photo you sent to us.
4. Please observe the information provided in the package.
5. Please do not send us your photo without having bought the package beforehand.

Which photos can be converted into a painting template?
All portrait photos and computer print-outs on photographic paper up to a maximum of DIN A 4 are suited. Photos must be sharp and correctly exposed.

Which photos cannot be converted?
The "Paint your Darling" technique is restricted to the depiction of a face or the head of an animal, portraits with two faces can also be processed. Landscapes, buildings, vehicles, flowers and plants and the reproduction of painting and drawings are not suited.

How and where to are the photos to be sent?
Do only send us the photo and the sticker we need for returning the template to you and address your mail directly to the manufacturer "NORIS-SPIELE - Bereich SCHIPPER Arts & Crafts" .

When and how is the painting template returned to you?
First the suitability of your photo will be individually judged and thereafter it will go through a complex PC process which is followed on-screen by our well-trained staff. Processing time is up to three weeks. The painting template and the original photo are returned to you by mail free of charge.

How to color the picture
As soon as you will have received the template in duplicate sized DIN A 3, paint work can start based on the Painting by Numbers technique, and your painting is framed with the enclosed passe-partout.

Water-based acrylic paints in 42 different colors, numbered sticker, brush, detailed instructions, passe-partout 40 x 50 cm, image section 27,7 x 38,7 cm, cardboard sheet 31,7 x 44 cm to be used as a basis for the painting template, photo sticker with processing number (voucher), stick-on label for return, cardboard sheet 40 x 50 cm to be used to back the painting.

You may download and print-out the detailed instructions for "Paint Your Darling". See home page and access “Download Painting Instructions”.

Here are some examples for you. On the left-hand side, you will find the framed painting and on the right-hand side the original photo.

Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts. Choking hazard!

Paint your Darling in colors

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